23rd March 2021

Whisky at Home - Is the living room the new tasting room?

With the world going into lockdown, the discovery and enjoyment of whisky at home has inevitably increased. This shift has prompted brands and retailers to harness new ways of attracting and engaging consumers, but how will at-home consumption evolve as the pandemic recedes? Has the living room become the new tasting room, and how can brands and retailers succeed in this new environment?

Session Details

Featuring voices and thoughts from: 

 Tess Syriac - Marketing Director, Starward Whisky 

Louise McGuane - Founder, JJ Corry Irish Whisky 

Samara Davis - Founder & CEO, Black Bourbon Society 

Billy Abbott - Author & Educator, Whisky Exchange 

 This session will explore: 

 Education – With bars and retailers closed there has been a greater need for education. 

 Engagement – How to bring whisky to life and tell a brand story while people are at home and distracted. How to engage consumers and convert to a sale. 

 Marketing – The increasing importance of social media and digital marketing to reinforce brands’ relationships with consumers 

 Community – More than ever we’re craving social interactions, so how are brands and retailers building meaningful communities around at-home whisky experiences? How do new producers with limited stock create a community if they’re unable to share samples? More brands appear to be collaborating with at-home tastings, something that may not have happened IRL pre-covid. 

 Best Practice – What are the main ways can brands and retailers ensure their at-home experiences are successful? 

 The Future – What are the long-term changes? Are at-home whisky experiences here to stay?

Whisky at Home - Is the living room the new tasting room?

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