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How to Build a Community Around Your Brand

Watch this 90-minute digital summit featuring a panel of whisky experts in a frank discussion about the importance of community building in the industry.

About the session: 

At a time when we’re craving more authentic social interactions, simple advertising is no longer enough on its own to capture the attention and loyalty of customers. Instead, brands are increasingly realising the importance of community building, establishing a tribe of loyal followers who in turn become ambassadors for the brands they love. Building a community is not a quick, straightforward venture though – it takes time, consistency and care.

Voices and thoughts from: 

Becky Paskin, founder, OurWhisky (host)

Charlie Prince, President at Drammers

Lauren Wildman, Director at Westward Whiskey 

Noah Rothbaum, Head of Cocktails & Spirits at Flaviar 

Hamish Torrie, Global Brand Ambassador at Ardbeg Whisky

With an introduction from Charlie Steel, Whiskey Portfolio Director for Distill Ventures

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