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How to Build a Whisky Brand

The 90-minute digital session, moderated by whisky expert and journalist Becky Paskin, features a panel of entrepreneurs in a bare-all discussion about what it takes to launch a new brand in today’s whisky landscape.


Becky Paskin, founder, OurWhisky (host)
Heather Greene, CEO Provision Spirits
Chris Montana, founder & CEO Du Nord Spirits
Allison Parc, Founder, Brenne Whisky
Michael Vachon, co-founder, Maverick Drinks
Phil Thompson, co-founder, Dornoch Distillery
Simon Thompson, co-founder, Dornoch Distillery

With an introduction from Josh Wortman, Whiskey Portfolio Director for Distill Ventures

Selected quotes from the group:

“Du Nord Spirits’ goal is to open doors. That means hiring people from underrepresented backgrounds to help diversify the industry. For us it’s not just about the booze and the bottle, it’s also about the company behind it, what we ourselves are doing with it – and all of this requires honesty, transparency and accountability. It’s precisely these things that will also help any brand in this industry.” - Chris Montana

“My advice is to not get distracted by other things, and to really focus on the brand and the product –visualizing the end goal and working backwards will ensure that you’re doing everything needed to get there." - Heather Greene

“We had a lot of trust capital that had grown through the whisky scene and so we decided to build on this pre-existing capital, but it was imperative that we did not degrade it. We did this by providing fair value to everyone, retaining that trust capital and building further upon it." - Simon Thompson

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