The continued growth of the ‘Non-alc’ category

Distill Ventures sees a huge opportunity in the exciting but nascent sector of Non Alcoholic Drinks and we want to help entrepreneurs launch & grow the non alcoholic brands of the future.

Drinks of the Future

The continuing rise of the no & low alcoholic category

From London to New York and beyond, innovation from new and experienced brands has grown and shaped the Non Alcoholic drinks category in the last 12 months. With new products hitting the shelves all the time, customers who are choosing not to drink have never had more options.

As a follow-on from 2017, we created this short film featuring interviews with producers, bartenders and some of last year’s non alc programme recipients that illustrates how the category has grown up in the last 12 months. Where this was a growing trend in 2017, 2018 has brought focus and increased maturity to the category while still leaving plenty of space for imagination and innovation from entrepreneurs.

Better Drinks When You’re Not Drinking

The rise of ‘non alcoholic’ 

July 2017: When we first started thinking & talking about what options people have when they’re not drinking alcohol, it was because a fantastic product called Seedlip sparked our imagination. As we’ve watched it grow, we realised we had just scratched the surface of this growing category and wanting to learn more, found we weren’t alone in that desire.

Below is a short film we made that features producers, entrepreneurs, mixologists and restauranteurs all talking about how they see non alcoholic drinks playing an ever-growing part in the way we socialise.

Are you a non alcoholic drinks entrepreneur or startup?

If you are a non alcoholics drinks entrepreneur or looking to start a non alcoholics drinks company, here at Distill Ventures we offer support for entrepreneurs who want to create drinks brands of the future. Acting as an accelerator for you and your business we offer a wide range of services based on your needs. You get access to our specialist mentoring programs supporting you in developing and furthering your non alcoholics drinks brand, we have decades of experience working with businesses of all types & sizes as well as a deep understanding of the drinks market enabling us to provide you with the best advice possible. As well as this we arrange for investment and networking opportunities for startups drinks brands. Register your brand here and become a part of our network.