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The New World of New World Whisky

Some of the most exciting areas of whisky innovation are coming from New World distilleries. Through interviews with world whisky makers, retailers, bartenders and craft spirits analysts, the latest category insights and data, as well as our own US and UK consumer survey, it’s clear the segment is on the cusp of real change, with New World whisky playing an important role in helping develop the whisky industry.

hWhat is New World Whisky?

New World Whisky is a whisky not produced in Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the USA or Japan or a whisky made in a style not traditionally associated with the country that it is made in.

According to IWSR's 2018 Drink Market Analysis, whisky has continued to grow faster than most other spirits, with a 7 percent rise in the previous year.  At the same time, volume for the category is predicted to grow to 581 million nine-litre cases per year by 2023. 

Fuelled by growth in the overall category alongside exciting innovation, a new generation of master blenders, drinks founders and disruptive new world whisky distilleries have the potential to bring about a new defining era for New World Whisky.


New producers have learned their craft from the original whisky pioneers and are respectful of local traditions, culture and heritage. While they still aim to bring the spirits of the past alive through traditional blending techniques, they are also exploring the innovation of new spirits across the production spectrum.  


New whisky distilleries are gaining attention all over the world, in both traditional and non-traditional regions such as Denmark, New Zealand, Mexico and Bolivia. These emerging New World Whisky producers are forging their own styles, creating a connection with a new generation of consumers who are interested in discovering new products and experiences. 


Like all industries – the drinks industry has had to navigate change and challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic. Whilst the shape of recovery is uncertain, there are ways that New World Whisky brands can adapt. 

According to the report, 62% of UK respondents who drink whisky and 82% of US whisky drinking respondents trust bartender recommendations. This proves that New World Whisky brands can play a significant role in supporting the on-trade through education and positive consumer experiences.

With a greater need for sophisticated online shopping platforms, the eCommerce opportunities for new spirits and other alcohol brands, in general, are huge but largely undeveloped. According to IWSR's 2018 Drink Market Analysis, just 2 percent of all global spirits sales were made online. 

With 30% of consumers claiming they would not purchase a bottle of whisky they’ve never tried before, trial at home has become a crucial way for New World Whisky brands to attract new customers via virtual tastings and sampling packs.


New World whisky makers are playing an important role in developing the new whisky category through liquid innovation, digital communication, the formation of real connections and their own followers. 

Distill Ventures is committed to developing innovation in whisky by helping startup drinks brands or established distilleries to scale through funding, networking, expertise and partnering. We’re proud to work hand-in-hand with the best entrepreneurs and their cutting edge whisky brands as we collectively continue to learn, evolve and seek out new partnerships. 

Download and read the full report on New World Whisky below.

The New World of New World Whisky

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